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Snack Shack Volunteer Rules

Snack Shack & Merch Booth Volunteer Rules


The West LA Little League Snack Shack and Merchandise Booth play an important role in connecting our community, providing significant sources of needed revenues for the league, and feeding all of our families.  And, working in the Snack Shack and Merchandise Booth is fun!  If you are unable to volunteer, you do have the option of the Snack Shack buy-out to fulfill this commitment.  If you did not elect the buy-out at registration, but would like to, please contact [email protected]  Please note if you chose to forego this buyout, you will be expected to volunteer for two, 2.5 hour shifts per player during the season. 

This season, we have two-person Snack Shack shifts on weekdays starting at 4:00 PM (e.g., two volunteers working at the same time) and we have some two-person and some three-person shifts on Saturdays, starting at 8:00 AM.  For the most part, all the people assigned to any one shift are from the same team (with a few exceptions late in the season).  All shifts are 2.5 hours, and we are asking that each player's family be responsible for covering two shifts during the season.  And for those shifts on Saturday requiring three volunteers, two volunteers will work in the Snack Shack and one will work in the Merchandise Booth – the volunteers can decide for themselves how to split these roles.  All volunteers should sign in at the Snack Shack, where you will get instructions on what to do (this includes volunteers working the Merchandise Booth).  Players are welcome to work in the Snack Shack with a supervising adult.  The schedule and sign up instructions will be sent shortly after teams have been set.


Volunteers should sign up for shifts as far in advance as possible by sending an email to  [email protected] with the following information – Team Name, Date/Start Time of shift, Volunteer Name, Volunteer Email, and Volunteer Phone Number.  You are welcome to send a single email containing the names of multiple people from your team who are each filling a different slot (e.g. three volunteers all working the same 2.5-hour shift together on a Saturday).

The WLA Volunteer Coordinator will update the schedule on the website as volunteers sign up – after you email your request for a volunteer slot, please check the schedule again within a day or two to confirm that you’ve been assigned to your slot.  The date at the top of the schedule will be updated every time the schedule itself is updated on the website.  Teams will typically be assigned 9 slots this season.  You may notice that some teams on the schedule are assigned fewer slots, due to having already worked a number of their slots at the start of the season before this full schedule was posted.  Teams are also welcome to swap slots with other teams if desired, teams should manage this between themselves and make sure the Volunteer Coordinator has all of the relevant information.

In the event that a team fails to fill or complete an assigned shift, the team manager will be suspended from participating in the next game on the team’s schedule. The manager may attend the game, but he/she may not enter the field or dugout, take part in pregame warmups, participate in any game decisions or interact with the players/umpires on the field during the game.


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