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West L.A. Little League Fall/Winter 2020 (Phase 1)


Team Skills and Drills Program


❏ Program Size Restrictions: Each program is limited to 20 combined Participants and Coaches, per L.A. County Guidance 9/10/20

❏ Program Duration: Will not exceed 120 minutes. There will be 30 minutes between Programs to sanitize and clean the bathroom, and ensure Participant/Coach/Parent exit traffic does not overlap with the following Program

❏ Participants and their parents/guardians and coaches may not enter the facility before their designated Program start time

❏ Program Restrictions: Players may not engage in any drill that violates social distancing of 6’

❏ Social distancing: Field activities will be structured to allow for as much social distancing as possible,

with no less than 6’ between Participants and Coaches


❏ Cleaning/disinfecting: Bathrooms will be sanitized before each Program

 Dugouts and bleachers will be closed off and unavailable for use by players, coaches or spectators. Spectators will be directed to designated viewing areas as described below.

❏ Face coverings: All participants and visitors, including players and coaches, are required to wear cloth face coverings during Team Skills & Drills Program. This applies to all adults and to children 2 years of age and older. If a participant or coach does not have a face covering, WLALL will use its best efforts to provide one. Players may be allowed to remove face coverings during periods of strenuous exercise so long as social distancing of at least 8’ is maintained at all times. Examples of strenuous exercise include, running, conditioning work as well as other vigorous activity that requires an athlete to use significant effort, energy or strength.

❏ Drop off and pick up: Families are highly encouraged to designate one person to drop off and pick up a participant if unable to provide their own transportation. Spectators will only be allowed in designated spectator areas. Designated spectator areas will be clearly marked. The designated spectator area for Majors Field will be located behind Center Field and along the 3rd Base Line of the Majors Field. The designated spectator area for the Minors Field will be located behind Center Field and along the 1st Base Line of Minors Field. The designated spectator area for the Ohio Field will be along the 3rd Base Line of the Ohio Field. Check-in will take place outside of the ballfield. Please be mindful of social distancing while waiting to check into the facility


❏ Participants, including Coaches and Players, as well as parents are responsible for screening themselves and their child at home for symptoms of COVID-19, including fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell. Anyone with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, including the child, should remain at home in isolation for a minimum of 10 days, including at least 72 hours without a fever (without fever-reducing medication) and improvement in other symptoms.

❏ Additional health screening will take place upon arrival at West L.A. Little League’s Bad News Bears Field, including a temperature reading and questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms and/or exposure. Parent/guardian must be present for this screening. Symptoms that will preclude participants from Team Skills and Drills programming include fever (over 100.4F), cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell.

❏ Participants will not be allowed to attend a Skills & Drills Program if they or any household members have a fever of 100.4F or above, or display other symptoms of COVID-19, as listed above. Participants cannot return to training for at least 10 days, including 72 hours fever free (without the use of fever reducing medication). Participants may be allowed to return sooner with a doctor’s note unless the participant is required to self-quarantine under the County’s Public health Order.

❏ Any Participant and/or coach who becomes sick during the training will be separated from the group and sent home immediately.

❏ Coaches must notify Los Angeles City and Parks and Recreation staff if any of their participants or any household member tests positive for COVID-19. In such a situation, the Participant may not return to training until they are allowed to exit self-isolation or self quarantine under the County Health Orders.

❏ West Los Angeles Little League Staff conducting the health screening must wear a facial covering during the screening. West Los Angeles Little League Staff must wear disposable non-latex gloves. The same gloves may be used to conduct all health screening checks provided this task is uninterrupted and as long as no other surfaces were touched during the health screening process.

❏ West L.A. Little League Staff may need to take temperatures on an as-needed basis for participants, coaches and instructors.

❏ West L.A. Little League Staff will adhere to the same health guidelines as described for participants, Including daily health screenings and a return-to-work policy that includes 10 days of isolation and being fever free for at least 72 hours. Field staff are also required to wear masks while at work.


❏ Coaches are required to enforce all Team Skills and Drills program protocols and field protocols provided to them by West L.A. Little League Staff

 Games and scrimmages are PROHIBITED.

❏ Coaches must ensure that all Participants remain 6’ feet apart at all times. Masks must be worn at all times. Players may remove their mask while engaging in strenuous activity so long as players remain 8’ apart at all times.

❏ All Participants and coaches MUST wear gloves while participating in activities. Batting gloves are suggested.

❏ Gloves not needed when two players only using the same ball

❏ Example: Pitcher and catcher practicing don’t need gloves

❏ Coaches, Instructors and Participants are to avoid any unnecessary physical contact this includes but is not limited to handshakes, high fives and hugs. Coaches, Instructors and Participants are to avoid close contact, sharing equipment, drinks, and/or other necessary items.

❏ There will be no baserunners during Skills & Drills to ensure social distancing of 6’

❏ Coaches must ensure that all Participants leave equipment and personal items in the designated player’s area. Parents and/or spectators will not be allowed in this area.

❏ Each Player will have a designated area that will be socially distanced 6’

❏ Participants should bring their own drinking water. Drinking fountains will be available for refilling personal water containers only.

❏ Coaches must ensure that no equipment is shared. In the event that equipment is used by more than one participant, it is the responsibility of the Coach to properly sanitize that item before it is able to be used.

❏ Equipment should be cleaned, sanitized and disinfected frequently, at the beginning of the training, end of the training and when used by different participants.

❏ Baseballs will be sanitized between drills

❏ Coaches, instructors and participants should avoid touching eyes, face and mouth.

❏ Coaches and all participants must enter and exit the field at their specific Program times. Early arrival is not permitted

❏ Lost and found items will be stored individually in clear trash bags sealed and will be stored for ten days and then disposed of by West L.A. Little League Staff

❏ No spitting on park premises. No sunflower seeds, gum or chewable tobacco in the park.

Coaches must have a list for each training containing all Participants’ name and contact information, in the event that a participant and/or coach becomes ill.

❏ Coaches must instruct their participants and assistant that they must stay home if they are sick.

 All West Los Angeles Little League Skills & Drills Programs must be able to comply with these guidelines to operate. These guidelines are subject to changes based on changes in local, state and federal direction related to COVID-19. Those not adhering to guidelines will be asked to leave and their programs suspended

COVID Authorization & Consent Form

LA County Department of Public Health -  Reopening Protocol for Youth Sports Leagues


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